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Departmental Activities

 English Forum

 Forum program on water crisis and conservation methods
 Sardar Patel College is established with a motto to become a socially responsible institution to cater value based education to all weaker sections of the people in    the society. As a part of value based education, English department conducts various activities to amplify the vision of the students. In connection with this, English department established “English Forum” to invigorate the skills of the students and enhance their capabilities. It organizes many activities like literary competitions, field trips, pep talks, power point presentations, elocutions and debate sessions which would bring up student s with rational thinking, good manners, organization of thoughts, persuasion and public speaking and henceforth to become a good citizen.
As a part of it, English forum decided to conduct such programs every month. Forum Committee would like to conduct some discussions on certain societal problems prevailing in the society so that they create an impact on their thoughts and make them responsible to derive solutions. In connection with this, English Forum conducted a program on “Water Crisis and Conservation Methods” where students presented Power point presentations and gave a small talk on amazing facts about water. Then a student from MBA stream presented information about an app called “Be My Eyes” innovated for blind assistance and its working methodology.
Students were made to use ICT (Information for Computer Technology) to present their power point presentations which is considered as one of the best practice in present day teaching –learning practices. On the whole the program was very informative to the students and even to faculty. Water crisis is a burning problem in the society and the information amplified the importance of water conservation methods. The information about the blind app was inspiring to give assistance to the blind who are far away from us.

 Mathematics, Physics, Computers

 We the above dept's visited NGRI on open day along with I ,II ,III year students on 26 th September - 2019 to motivate our students to research work.
  All students attended to the open day & learnt about the earth quake , tsunami & about different types of rocks.

 Women Welfare Committee

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