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The Sardar Patel College NSS units organized the special winter camp programmes at Kammaguda and Turkayamjyal, Hayatnagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District. Our students actively participated in several programmes planned by Sri. CH. Bikshapati, and Dr. Rakesh Sharma, NSS Officers.

Different committees were formed like, Disciplinary Committee, Kitchen Committee, Cultural Committee and Literary committees to decentralize the work to be done and encourage leadership qualities among students.

The NSS volunteers were divided into five teams to co-ordinate and execute different works and activities of the camp. The overall in charge for these teams was Mr. N. Manoj Kumar, Sr. Volunteer.

  1. Team No. 01. CHAKALIILLMMA - Led by T. Madhavi
  2. Team No. 02. DODDI KOMMARIAH - Led by M.Raju Yadav
  3. Team No. 03. KALOJI NARAYAN RAO - Led by A. Satish
  4. Team No. 04. DASARADHI RANGA CHARYA - Led by J. Sampath
  5. Team No. 05. Prof. K.JAYA SHANKAR - Led by Mahesh Kumar

On day one, “SWINE FLU” awareness rally was conducted in the Kammaguda village.

On the second day, the NSS flag was hoisted by Shri.Valige Babu, Sarpanch Kammaguda and addressed the students. He thanked the Management of Sardar Patel College. Secunderabad for planning to organize special camp by the students at Kammaguda and Turkayamjyal villages to bring awareness to the villagers on various burning issues of the society.

Later, the volunteers conducted a clean and green programme at Turkayamjyal, village. They visited the government school (ZPHS) and interacted with the students on swine flue, student drop outs at school level and cleanliness to be maintained in the campus and around the campus.

After the lunch break, a rally was conducted at Turkayamjyal on “CLEAN AND GREEN” and need for literacy to bring awareness among the youth.

In the evening, a lecture was organized for the volunteers by Dr. K. Shyam Sunder, Associate Professor of Hindi, Koti Womens’ College, Hyderabad on “Personality Development”.

On the third day , the NSS flag was hoisted by the Mandal Education Officer, who addressed the students. He appreciated the efforts of student volunteers of Sardar Patel College, for taking up NSS activities to bring awareness on various issues of the society.

From the camp, the student volunteers went around the village and performed “ Clean and Green” programme in Laxminagar Colony. In the colony, most of the people were tribes and they needed to be told about the cleanliness and greenery. The volunteers also conducted a door to door campaign.

An awareness programme for the residents was conducted on Child Labour, Health and Education.

The cultural committee organized rehearsals for students involved in the skits. The students also practiced singing.

On the fourth day, the NSS flag was hoisted by Sri. IIaiah, Vice-President of the Kammaguda Village, and he addressed the students. He assured to extend all the cooperation to the volunteers and NSS Officers for the success of the camp.

A rally was organized on Communicable Diseases, Health awareness, Literacy, Clean and Green. In this rally, Kammaguda Sarpanch Shri Babu Sri. IIaiah, Vice President, Sri Ramesh, Head Master, Smt. Usha Rani, Panchayat Secretary also actively participated.

The volunteers formed into groups and went to public, interacted with people at Turkayamjyal. They shared about the problems like Electricity, Drinking Water, Health to public in the village and how to approach the village heads and government for solutions to the issues.

Prof. Reddya Naik, NSS Coordinator, Osmania University, visited the camp and made useful suggestions and spoke about motto of NSS to the volunteers and encouraged them.

On the fifth day, the NSS flag was hoisted by Sri Kotta Kurma Shiva Kumar, Hayatnagar Congress Committee President of the Turkayamayal village addressed the students and motivated the volunteers to actively participate in all the programmes of NSS. He also said he would encourage all the youth of their village to join the NSS including his son to help the society.

Later, a medical camp was conducted by our volunteers in Primary School, Kammaguda under the guidance of St. Joseph Hospital. In this camp, some school children were identified having some minor diseases like, skin, eye and vitamin deficiency. Prescriptions were issued to the children suffering with such diseases through their Head Master Sri Ramesh.

In the evening, at Laxminagar colony, our volunteers organized skits for the villagers who participated in large numbers. Skits on Anti Dowry, Superstitions attracted the villagers who appreciated the performers and also promised not to encourage dowry and superstitions for a better society.

The day began with meditation by the volunteers led by Smt. Sunita, a school teacher of the village.

On the sixth day, the NSS flag was hoisted by the Sri Ramesh Head Master, Primary School, Kammaguda village, addressed and motivated the volunteers and he participated in all the day’s activities.

The NSS Programme officers, Sri.C.H.Bikshapathi and Dr. Rakesh Sharma, organized Poster Presentation and group discussions among all the five groups formed at the beginning of the camp. Each group was given an issue; the groups formed at the beginning of the camp. Each group was given an issue, the groups have to make a poster presentation and have to explain their activity. Smt. Sunita and Dr. Shyam Sunder were the judges. They adjudged DASARADI and CHAKALI ILLAMMA teams as First and Second. The Dasaradi team were given the topic “Historical events in Telangana movement” and Chakali Illamma team was given, ”Women’s role in Indian politics”. However, all other teams also performed well in their given topics. In this competition, the judges identified few good orators and artists as an encouragement.

The valedictory programme was conducted in the evening which was attended by villagers, Dr.S.Sailaja Radhakrishna, Principal and NSS Chairperson, Sardar Patel College, Shri. K.Shiva Kumar, President Hayatnagar Congress Committee, Sri.Babu, Sarpanch , Kammaguda, Smt.K.Mangamma, Sarpanch , Turkayamjyal, Shri Iialiah, Vice President, Kammaguda, Dr.Shyam Sundar , Sri. Venkat Reddy , local leader, Press personnel also participated and spoke on the contribution of the NSS volunteers to their villages.

Dr.S.Sailaja Radhakrishna, Principal and NSS Chairperson of S.P.College, thanked the village heads and leaders for giving permission to conduct Special Winter camp by our NSS volunteers. She also thanked Prof. Reddya Naik, NSS Co-ordinator, Osmania University for permission to our college to conduct the camp at Kammaguda and Turkayamjyal villages. She appreciated the participation of NSS volunteers of S.P.College and their concern about the issues faced by the villagers. She hoped the students will continue to work for the development of society. She said that the students of Sardar Patel College, always participated in NSS activities and programmes with lot of zeal and enthusiasm and contributed their mite for the cause of the society.

Sri K.Shiva Kumar, Smt. Mangamma, Sri Habu, Sri Iilah, village leaders, expressed their sincere thanks to the management of Sardar Patel College for choosing their villages for the conducting the camp.

The NSS volunteers of our college, distributed Pencils, erasers, notebooks to school children at Kammaguda village, and a rally was taken out with the students of Turkayamjal school with the permission of the head master, to bring awareness on “School dropouts” with slogans “Pillalu Badiki, Peddalu Paniki”.

This concluded the NSS special winter camp.

We thank Sri C.B. Namdev garu, Chairman, Sri. Anil Swaroop Mishra,Hon. Secretary Hon,Secretary, and other members of the Management giving the opportunity to conduct the NSS Camp.

The NSS volunteers of our college, participated in the camps very actively and showed excellent discipline during the camp and worked with good spirit. We also thank Prof. Reddya Naik. NSS co-ordinator, Osmania University, Hyderabad for accepting our proposal and extending full co-operation. Dr. Ravi Teja, Mr. Prasad and Mr.Bikshapati, former students our college and active NSS volunteers also extended their guidance to our volunteers.

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