Computer Science



Report on 8 Days FDP on ICT TOOLS

Faculty Development Programme was conducted by the Department of Computer   Science in collaboration with IQAC for 8 days i.e., from 06-11-2020 to 13-11-2020.

This FDP was mainly conducted to provide an Online Platform for Teaching through Pandemic. Faculty have been trained to teach and evaluate through online. G-Suite was the platform, in which all the faculty was trained as it provides many applications required for Online Teaching and Evaluation.

Mrs. Veda Sri, Assistant professor, Dept. of Computer Science & ICT Co-ordinator of RBVRR College was the speaker of the complete program.

  • The 8 days FDP started on 06-11-2020 with Introduction of ICT Tools for Online Teaching. Mrs. Veda Sri introduced us with the creation of classrooms, inviting people in Google Classroom.
  • On Day 2, i.e., 07-11-2020, the speaker explained about organizing classrooms, creating topics, adding materials/ topics in the topics.
  • On Day 3, i.e., 08-11-2020, Mrs. Veda Sri explained about grades, quizzes and other works to be assigned to students. She also explained about the attendance, some add-on’s which can be used with Google Classroom.
  • On Day 4, i.e., 09-11-2 020, she explained about Google Meet Scheduling on Mobile as well as from the Desktop/Laptop.
  • On Day 5, i.e., 10-11-2020, she also explained about Google Meet link creation and the posting of assignments and other class works that are to be assigned by the lecturers to the students.
  • On Day 6, i.e., 11-11-2020, she explained about Google Forms through which online tests, Registration and Feedback Forms can be generated, which is a very useful tool for all the teachers.
  • On Day 7, i.e., 12-11-2020, she explained about Google Docs, difference between a static page and dynamic page and how Google Docs can be used for teaching. The speaker also explained about Google Sheets, through which attendance and marks can be generated.
  • On the last day of the program, the speaker has summarized all the apps of G-Suite and also thrown light on different Add-On’s (extensions for using G-Suite app) like Roll Call for taking attendance in Google Meet, etc.,

All the lecturers were assigned assignments for each session and those assignments were also evaluated and cleared all the doubts daily by the speaker. Lastly, the FDP has helped all the lecturers in teaching, sharing data to students , evaluating students tests, quizzes and assignments through online.